دەربارەی پرۆژە

ئامانجی سه‌ره‌كی به‌رنامه‌ی به‌ره‌وپێشه‌وه‌ بریتیه‌ له‌ پشتیوانی کردن و بەهێزکردنی ده‌سه‌ڵاتە نێوخۆییەکان بە مەبەستی ئاسانکردنی پەرەسەندنی ئابووری نێوخۆیی و هەبوونی وەبەرهێنانێکی باشتری شارەوانی کە سوود بە بەردەوامبوونی خزمه‌تگوزاریەکی گشتی پارێزراو و دەرفەتی دارایی بۆ كۆمه‌ڵگه‌ ده‌ستنیشان كراوه‌كان بگه‌یه‌نێت.

Rwanga Foundation Kurdistan Regional Government madad undp

Hotline for business-advice

Have Questions related to your business?

Call +964 750 2470222 to be connected with a trained, supportive staff member, every Tuesdays from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.


Aim of an Online hotline for business-advice will provide one-to-one support to the business community and improving the self-reliance of people by supporting them in establishing and/or maintaining their livelihoods.

The online hotline will be operating every Tuesdays from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, it is set up for the general public to answer people's FAQs on how they can transform and/or set up businesses in the current climate, including how they can transfer their business online.


Guidelines on how to apply for the project:

Download Guideline